SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMaster's Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology, First Year Master's Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology, Second Year
Course NameBasic Workshop in Digital Media: Reporting in Digital Image
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
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WEEK TOPIC Teaching Actiities Homework/Notes
1 Course introduction student team up  
2 Broadcasting newsroom newsroom operation and guidelines personal presentation preparation
3 Finding and pitching news stories pitching practice  
4 Picture composition and camera movement camera / smartphone practice  
5 News production and reporting Keynote speech ( at TaiwanPlus )  
6 Digital news concept and social media Keynote speech ( at TaiwanPlus )  
7 Video editing and social media Keynote speech ( at TaiwanPlus )  
8 personal presentation (1) discussion preparation
9 personal presentaion (2) mid-term presentation  
10 自主總整學習    
11 Virtual Studio --basic training and concept   instructor's training Virtual studio at GCIT
12 Virtual Studio (2) output and editing Virtual studio at GCIT
13 News Anchoring  guide and concept Visit at TaiwanPlus
14 Digital news for future lecture /discussion Visit at TaiwanPlus
15 Reporting ethic--case study lecture/discussion  
16 完成指定課後作業   teamwork week
17 Final presentation(1) team presentation  
18 Final presentation(2) team presentation  





Teaching Methods
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  1. Class attendance, in-class exercise, and teamwork  30% 

  2. Mid-term project and personal presentation 30% 

  3. Final news production and presentation 40% 

Textbook & Reference

Sidlow. F. M. ( 2022). Broadcast News in the Digital Age: A Guide to Reporting, Producing and Anchoring Online and on TV. Routledge 

Harrower,  T.  Inside Reporting:?A Practical Guide to the Craft of Journalism, 3rd ed. McGraw-Hill. (Ebook) 

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