SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMaster's Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology, First Year Master's Program in Global Communication and Innovation Technology, Second Year
Course NameDomestic Internship B
InstructorHSU MEI-LING
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Domestic Internship B (2 credits) is generally for internship working time around 160-200 hours. The internship will be declared ineligible if a student worked fewer hours than specified. Using a part-time job as an internship is not allowed. The internship organizations also do not include those students who are currently employed full-time.


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This course is evaluated on a pass/non-pass basis. If a student does not complete the internship within the Fall semester, he/she will receive an "incomplete" mark on the transcript. The grades will be determined based on the quality of the internship work, the evaluation of the student's internship supervisor, and the depth of the final internship report. 

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