SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentM.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, First Year M.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, Second Year M.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, Third Year M.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, Fourth Year
Course NameBilingual Education
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Dr. Yi-Ping Huang

  1. 07/06     Course Overview & Dynamic Bilingualism (季陶樓 340309)

  2. 07/11     Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Genre

  3. 07/13     Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): 4Cs

  4. 07/18     Special Topics: Digital Language Learning (DLL) & ChatGPT

  5. 07/20     Special Topics: Translanguaging, Motivation, &Teacher Collaboration

Dr. Chien-Han Chen

  1. 07/25  Bilingual education: multimodal scaffolding

  2. 07/27  Teaching English in English (TEIE): building routines in English

  3. 08/01  Teaching English in English (TEIE): giving clear instructions

  4. 08/03  Teaching English in English (TEIE): effective question and answer

  5. 08/08  Teaching English in English (TEIE): checking comprehension and providing feedback

  6. 08/10  Teaching English in English (TEIE): increasing classroom interaction

  7. 08/15  Teaching English in English (TEIE): extending textbook activities

  8. 08/17  Teaching English in English (TEIE): managing cooperative activities

  9. 08/22  Share fair 1

  10. 08/24  Share fair 2

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Dr. Yi-Ping Huang (33%)

Attendance and participation                                                                               30%

Oral presentation                                                                                                     30%

One summary-response paper (2 pages, single space)                                        40% (07/23, midnight)

Dr. Chien-Han Chen (67%)

Attendance and participation                                                                               20%

Share fair (group work)                                                                                       40%

One reflection paper (2 pages, single space) (individual work)                        40% (08/27, midnight)

Textbook & Reference

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  1. Supplementary Material (TBA)


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Requirements: ? Attend and actively participate the classes offered by the instructors. ? Write a reflection paper and a teaching case analysis report, an evaluation report, or a position paper. ? Demonstrate microteaching based on lesson/material design (share fair).