SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentM.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, First Year M.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, Second Year M.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, Third Year M.A. Program in TESOL for In-Service Teachers, Fourth Year
Course NameStudies on English Teaching Methods & Material Evaluation
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  1. Introduction of major trends in language teaching; Post-methods era (Richards & Rodgers 2015, Chapter 20)

  2. Communicative language teaching; Listening and speaking instruction (Richards & Rodgers 2015, Chapter 5; Nunan (ed.) 2003, Chapters 2 and 3)

  3. Competency-based language teaching (Richards & Rodgers 2015, Chapter 8)

  4. Task-based teaching (Richards & Rodgers 2015, Chapter 9)

  5. The lexical approach (Richards & Rodgers 2015, Chapter 11)

  6. Reading

  7. Writing

  8. Vocabulary

  9. EMI/ CLIL

  10. Learner/Teacher's beliefs

  11. Learner/Teacher's anxiety, self-efficacy

  12. Learner/Teacher's identity, agency, 

  13. Teaching English as a Lingua Franca

  14. Translingual Approach

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

30%  Midterm oral presentation—Research Proposal (15 minutes; Introduction+Literature Review+Method Design)

20%  Reflection (x2)—Choosing one or two discussed papers/issues and reflect upon your critical opinions based on your teaching experience, other research findings, examples, or other supporting evidence.

40%  Research Project

10%  Participation

Textbook & Reference

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