SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentForeign Language Center
Course NameEnglish Elective: English for Information Technology
InstructorYU YI-SHAN
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule



Content and Reading Assignment

Teaching Activities and Homework


Course Orientation

  • Introduction to the course

  • Soft skills for IT professionals

  • Prepare a personal elevator pitch



  • How technology can enhance our brain (or not?)

  • IT news sharing


Jobs in IT

  • New technical and non-technical careers in IT

  • A glance at the IT job market


Digital Badge

  • Global skills passport

  • Make the most of your profile

  • Assignment 1:

Create your own LinkedIn profile



  • E-commerce and E-business

  • Creating and scaling a tech start-up

  • Craft an elevator pitch for a product/service



Student presentation

Presentation 1:

Promote your IT product/service


IT for Academic

  • How is a GenAI Chatbot trained?

  • Prompt Engineering

  • Create your own Socratic tutor


IT Workplace I

  • IT slangs

  • Communicating in tech

  • Assignment 2:

Write polite responses to client requests and reports


IT Workplace II

  • IT project management

  • Scrum for IT

  • Speak in a stand-up meeting

  • Give a shout-out to a colleague


Media and Tech

  • Technology and the future

  • Film analysis and review


Trending Technologies

  • Think beyond the trends

  • Logical fallacies

  • Decide an IT research topic


Green Technologies

  • Ecological impacts of technology

  • Filter bubbles & False news

  • Come up with IT research questions and hypotheses


Information Literacy I

  • Format of an academic research poster

  • How to search effectively

  • Web research activity

  • Design an academic research poster


Information Literacy II

  • Paraphrasing skills

  • References and citations

  • Prepare for the presentation



Group presentation

Presentation 2:

Present your academic research poster


Final Exam

Final Exam




School Seminars/Workshops




School Seminars/Workshops


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

All materials, including the written text, handouts, and any information spoken in class or written on the board, are expected to be reflected in your work. Take notes and study the handouts. Keep all of the work you do during the course until after the final grades have been announced.

You are expected to:

- participate actively in all in-class activities and discussions;

- preview assigned materials;

- attend each class and be on time;

- conduct two oral presentations;

- hand in all written assignments;

- take the final examination.

Your final grades are determined by the following course components:

  • Attendance and participation (discussion, peer review, activity, etc.): 20%

  • Written assignments: 30%

  • Presentations 30%

  • Final examination: 20%


  • Attendance and punctuality are required for all class sessions.

  • A leave of absence should be arranged beforehand or soon afterwards with proper documentation.

  • Exams can only be made up or rescheduled for valid reasons (see the University’s policy regarding make-up exams).



Class participation refers to your active involvement in the class activities including your insights and comments regarding class content, responses to the instructor’s questions, and reactions to other students’ contributions.


In addition to the periodic in-class assignments, individual or group-based, you will complete two major assignments: (1) create your own LinkedIn profile, (2) write polite responses to client requests and reports.

  1. (1) For the LinkedIn profile, you will be asked to give a quick and accurate description of yourself as a professional. You will be given samples to help you prepare your own LinkedIn Summary.

  2. (2) The responses to client are based on a specific scenario. You are expected to use the phrases from the lesson, and write a message responding to the client.

All written assignments are to be handed in on the due dates. The grading rubrics for the writing assignments are available on the course Moodle.


You will give ONE individual and ONE group presentation on IT related topics: (1) promote your product/service, (2) present your academic research poster.

  1. (1) Individual presentation (5 minutes): Imagine you are creating and scaling an IT company, the product/service you are promoting must not only have a particular audience in mind but also attempt to link the technical information with the particular reader's interest(s).

  2. (2) Group presentation (10 minutes): You will be asked to produce an academic research poster to display your research on IT topics. The poster should be written in a formal style and referenced. Different structures and styles will be discussed in class.

All presentation slides should be uploaded to Moodle. Specific guidelines and grading rubrics will be provided in class.

Final exam

The final exam is a paper-&-pencil exam. All materials, including the vocabulary list, readings, handouts, and video exercises provided in class throughout the semester will potentially be included. No make-up exam will be given unless you obtain the instructor’s permission in advance.

Textbook & Reference

Handouts will be provided.


Other supplementary materials (References):

Kenny, S., Sabatino, E. & Bondar, J. (2022).  Capstone- English for Information and New Technology. Crane Publishing.

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