SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMA Program of English, First Year Ph.D. Program in English Literature, First Year MA Program of English, Second Year Ph.D. Program in English Literature, Second Year
Course NamePost-colonial Drama
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Week       Date(Tue.)Class

1      9.14         Introduction to the class; Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice

                                (Barker), 247-78

2      9.21         1 Postcolonialism in A Reader’s Guide to Contemporary Literary

                 Theory (Selden and Widdowson), 188-97

                        2 Introduction and Chapter 1 in Black Skin, White Mask (Fanon),


3      9.28         3 Edward Said: Orientalism and beyond in Postcolonial Theory

                                 (Moore-Gilbert), 34-73

                        4 Chapter 1 in Orientalism

4      10.5         5 Gayatri Spivak in Postcolonial Theory (Moore-Gilbert), 74-113

                                (Indo-Anglian) Kirish Karnard’s Hayavadana

5   10.12       6 Homi Bhabha in Postcolonial Theory (Moore-Gilbert), 114-51

                        7 Chapter 4 in The Location of Culture (Bhabha), 85-92

                                (American) David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly

6      10.19       8 Paul Gilroy’s The Black Atlantic,

                                (American) August Wilson’s The Fences

7      10.26       Lecture by Professor Chun-yeh Wang

8      11.2         Brian Crow’s “Derek Walcott”

                                (Caribbean; Trinidad) Derek Walcott’s Pantomime

10    11.16       Brian Crow’s “Wole Soyinka”

                                (African; Nigerian) Wole Soyinka’s The Strong Breed

10    11.16       Walder’s Ch. 6 “Caribbean and Black British Poetry”

                                 (African; Nigerian)

                                Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman

11    11.23       Brian Crow’s “Athol Fugard”

                                (African; South Africa) Athol Fugard’s Master Harold

                                        … and the boys

12    11.30       Bruce King’s Ch. 5 “Canada”

                                (Canadian) Thomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters

13    12.7         Bill Ashcroft’s Post-colonial Transformation Ch. 9


                                (American) Lynn Nottage’s Ruined

14    12.14               (British) Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine    

15    12.21               ? (British) Timberlake Wertenbaker’s New Anatomy

16    12.28       Report on Term Paper outline

17    1.4           Term Paper Conference

18    1/11         Independent Review; Term Paper due

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Participation in discussion, 2 to 3 oral presentations, and a term paper of 10 pages long due one week after the last class meet. Students are required to send their study questions related to their weekly reading materials to their classmates in charge of the oral presentation before 5 pm every Wednesday. They are encouraged to answer their own study questions in their weekly journals with quotations and MLA citations. Students are encouraged to go to a live performance and write their afterthoughts on it. This review or comment on the play will be considered extra credits to their grades.


weekly journals                       10%

oral presentations                   30%

term paper                              60%

Textbook & Reference

Required textbook

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汪俊彥(2018 08 月)。〈沉浸表演與臺灣身份:新世代劇場觀演與生命政

        〉。 38 韓國中國學會 中國學國際學術大會,首爾,韓國。

汪俊彥(2018 05 月)。〈反現代的現代劇場:李國修劇場軌跡〉。臺灣當代





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張小虹 (1995)。重塑法農:《黑皮膚¸白面具》中的性別?種族政治〉。《中外


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