SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMA Program of English, First Year Ph.D. Program in English Literature, First Year MA Program of English, Second Year Ph.D. Program in English Literature, Second Year
Course NameBritish Fiction and the Gothic Imagination 1764-1847
InstructorWU YIH DAU
Course TypeElective
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Week 1  

September 13th


 Please finish reading Dale Townshend’s essay ‘Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination’ before coming to class  After class: read   Carol Margaret Davison’s essay ‘Gothic and the language of terror’


Week 2  

September 20th

Davison’s essay ‘Gothic and the language of terror’

After class: read excerpts from Sarah Kareem’s book Eighteenth-Century Fiction and the Reinvention of Wonder

 3+ 9 hours

Week 3   

September 27th

Excerpts from Kareem’s book

After class: read a chapter of Angela Wright’s book Gothic Fiction

  3+ 9 hours

Week 4  

October 4th

A chapter of Wright’s book

 After class: read a chapter of George Haggerty’s book Queer Gothic

 3+ 9 hours

Week 5  

October 11th

A chapter of Haggerty’s book

 After class: read a chapter of Steven Bruhm’s book Gothic Bodies: the Politics of Pain in Romantic Fiction


Week 6  

October 18th

A chapter of Bruhm’s book

After class: Read Joseph Crawford’s essay  : ‘Every Night, The Same Routine’: Recurring Nightmares and the Repetition Compulsion in Gothic Fiction

3+ 9 hours

Week 7  

October 25th

Crawford’s essay


  3+ 9 hours

Week 8   

November 1st

 The Castle of Otranto


   3+ 9 hours

Week 9   

November 8th

The Monk


3+ 9 hours

Week 10  

November 15st

The Italian


 3+ 9 hours

Week 11

 November 22nd

 Northanger Abbey


 3+ 9 hours

Week 12

 November 29th



   3+ 9 hours

Week 13

 December 6th

 Wuthering Heights   


3+ 9 hours

Week 14

 December 13th

Jane Eyre  


 3+ 9 hours

Week 15   

December 20th

Individual supervision: discussing research topics with students

 After class: prepare for the mini-conference or write your term paper

 3+ 9 hours

Week 16    

December 27th

Mini-conference: present your research to the entire class and respond to comments from your friends

After class: writing your term paper

 3+ 9 hours

Week 17  January 5th

 Writing your term paper



Week 18  January 12th

 Writing your term paper; term paper due




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Grading policies:

Presentation and weekly contributions  20%

Mini-conference presentation 10%

Final term paper 70%


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