SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentFreshman Class A, Department of Slavics Freshman Class B, Department of Slavics Sophomore Class A, Department of Slavics Sophomore Class B, Department of Slavics
Course NameIntroduction to Poland
InstructorBednarz Karolina Aneta
Course TypeSelectively
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1. What makes Poland so different from the rest of Europe

2.Contemporary Poland – introduction

3. Regions of Poland and their culture (Polish folklore, dances and costumes)

4. Polish cuisine and its specificity over the centuries and today

5. Polish holidays, customs and traditions

6. Polish nobles and their culture. Polish national epic: Pan Tadeusz

7. Polish Romanticism

8. Interwar period in Poland

9. Poland during the Second World War

10. Poland’s walk to freedom; Solidarno??

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Regular class attendance is a student obligation. When missing more than three lectures, the student is required to take a test on the topics covered in the course. The result of the test determines the completion of the course.

Please do make every effort to come on time.

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