SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentJunior Class A, Department of English Junior Class B, Department of English
Course NameEnglish Writing : Reading Short Stories and Writing Papers on Literature
InstructorCHEN YIN-I
Course TypeElective
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Advanced Writing: Writing about literature (short stories)



1.     Orientation

2.     Edgar Allen Poe. “The Telltale Heart”

3. Holiday

4. Henry James. “Daisy Miller”

5.     James Joyce. “Eveline,” “The Dead”

6 .   Thomas Hardy. “The Fiddler of the Reels”

7-9.   Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby

10. Mid-term exam: in-class writing

11.   E. M. Forster. “The Other Boat”

12.   D. H. Lawrence. “The Rocking Horse Winner”

13.  Katherine Mansfield. “A Cup of Tea” (write the girl’s story)

14.  Arthur Conan Doyle. “A Scandal in Bohemia” (Sherlock Holmes)

15.  Hanif Kureishi. “My Son the Fanatic”

16.  Fina paper discussion

17. Self-study

18. Self-study

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Mid-term exam: 30%

Final paper: 50%

Weekly journals:  20%

Textbook & Reference

Reading package.

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