SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentSophomore Class A, Department of English Sophomore Class B, Department of English
Course NameIntroduction to Language Learning
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Please note that this is a tentative schedule. Many of the activities will need to be changed depending on the number of class participants that we have. Thus, this schedule is subject to change until a formal one is given to you in class.


W1 Introduction

Part 1. SLA and Language Learning


Sample sharing by TAs

Discussion on Chapter 1: Introducing second language acquisition

Discussing a plan/schedule for the video project



Sharing A

Discussion on Chapter 2: Foundations of second language acquisition



Sharing B

Discussion on Chapter 3 The linguistics of second language acquisition & Chapter 4: The psychology of second language acquisition (Let’s put more focus on Ch4.)


Sharing C

2. Benson

Discussion on Chapter 5: Social contexts of second language acquisition



Sharing D

Discussion on Chapter 6: Acquiring knowledge for L2 use


W7 : Mid-term Conference & Field Trip


Part II. Language Teaching & Technology


Sharing E


Discussion on:

Chapter 7 L2 learning & teaching

Black, R. (2016). Technology and the four skills. Language Learning & Technology, 20(2), 129-142.


W9  Developing Reading Skills

Sharing F

Discussion on

Handout on reading

Godwin-Jones, R. (2017). Smartphones and language learning. Language Learning

and Technology, 21(2), 3-17.


W10 Developing Listening Skills (Possibly a guest speaker)

Sharing G

Discussion on

Handout on listening

Godwin-Jones, R. (2016). Augmented Reality and Language Learning: From Annotated Vocabulary to Place-based Mobile Games, Language Learning & Technology, 20 (3). 9-19.


W11  Developing Speaking

Sharing H

Discussion on

Handout on speaking

Godwin-Jones, R. (2012). Digital video revisited: storytelling, conferencing, remixing. Language Learning & Technology, 16(1), 1-9.


W12  Developing Writing

Sharing I


Discussion on

Handout on writing

Terantino, J. M. (2011) YouTube for foreign languages: you have to see this video. Language Learning & Technology, 15(1), 10-16. Retrieved from


W13 Dec 7 Technology and the four integrated skills

Sharing J

Discussion on

Handout on integration

Godwin-Jones, R. (2014). Games in language learning: opportunities and challenges. Language Learning & Technology, 18(2), 9-19.


W14 Dec 14 Looking back and ahead

Sharing K

Discussion on

Godwin-Jones, R. (2016). Looking back and ahead: 20 years of technologies for language learning. Language Learning & Technology, 20(2), 5-12.


W15 Dec 21

Sharing L & M

Project workshop and conference


W16 Dec 28


Project workshop and conference


W17&18 Finishing up the final report


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Facilitate classroom management


1. Participating in all discussions and hands-on activities. 10% 

2. A web blog with 2+7 media-supported entries recording your thoughts and reflection throughout the semester. (250-300 words each.) -- 30%

3. Present and share how you use tools+LL methods. Discuss the rationale. -- 30%

4. A short film on one focused theme (e.g., problems & possible solutions) related to foreign language learning. (group, 10 minutes) -- 30%

Textbook & Reference

To be announced in class. Possibly the following two will be our source of information:

Language Learning and Technology (the online Journal)

Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (4th Edition)

Urls about Course