SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentSophomore Class A, Department of English Sophomore Class B, Department of English
Course NameWriting and Reading (II)
InstructorLIU YI-CHUN
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Classroom Activities & Requirements

*Students are expected to spend extra 2-4 hours to fulfill the requirements of this course.

Students need to complete three major writing projects in this semester. To accomplish the three writing projects, students are expected to attend class discussion, read the assigned readings, participate in interactive activities, and give peer-feedback. The in-class writing practices may include outline writing, thesis statement, literature review, interview question design, survey questionnaire design, data analysis, result/finding and discussion. Each project consists of several writing-reading work, including research, reading, team discussion, interview, survey, online co-writing, and etc..  


The following are the in-classroom practices on a regular basis:

*While reading or discussion, students will be asked

1. to determine the writer’s purpose and effectiveness in communicating information in statements, paragraphs, and longer chunks of text

2. to recognize, understand, and exploit lexical, grammatical, developmental, and organizational markers of cohesion and coherence

3. to predict development and anticipate ideas as part of an active reading process

4. to scan authentic discourse for specific information

5. to identify the types of support which an author uses to develop ideas (e.g., facts, statistics, description, reasons, explanations, examples, anecdotes, cause/effect, process)

6. to distinguish between the presentation of fact and opinion

7. to recognize the various rhetorical modes and expository types normally used in academic discourse

8. to identify compare, and analyze information from a number of textual sources synthesize information from various sources to solve problems and perform tasks


Teaching Methods
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Grading Criteria

1. Project 1                                                          15%

2. Project 2                                                         15%

3.  Project 3                                                         20%

4. Peer Review (x3)                                                 30%

5. Reflection (x2)                                                    20%


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