SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentInternational Master's Program in International Communication Studies, First Year International Master's Program in International Communication Studies, Second Year
Course NameInternational Media and Marketing
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule


This course is restructured into an 18-week class, with two official holiday weeks. Our meeting time begins from 9:10 -12:00


Project pitch: You will be representing an account executive for an advertising/media agency. You will have to plan and pitch your project to me. On fifth week you will have to select a brand that you want to work for, and upon my approval, I will be acting as the brand marketer (your client).


Detail schedule:

  1. Conceptual Foundations: Forces That Shape the Global Knowledge Economy and Implications for Global Marketing Management


Week 1 (0914)

Introduction, Marketing, IMC, and Media, Case Approach;


Week 2 (0921)

Introduction to international advertising and public relations/case topic discussion 


Week 3 (0928)

Country briefing 1/ case topic discussion


Week 4 (1005)

Country briefing 2/ case proposal


Week 5 (1012)

Country briefing 3/ case topic discussion

B.  Understanding global market, identifying opportunities, formulating strategies for market entry   

Week 6 (1019)

Global branding strategies 1:  Adaptation or standardization


Week 7 (1026)

Global branding strategies 2: Adaptation or standardization consumer insight


Week 8 (1102)

Case presentation 3:  Adaptation or standardization consumer insight


Week 9 (1109)

Midterm week (No class meeting): Intercultural consumption experience reflection

  1. Formulating Celebrity Endorsement and Social Media Strategies: Developing Markets The internationalization public relations process, communicative strategy

Week10 (1116)

Case presentation 1:  social media and branding global celebrity endorsement


Week 10 (1123)

Case presentation 2:  social media and branding global celebrity endorsement  


Week 11 (1130)

Case presentation 3:  social media and branding global celebrity endorsement


Week 12 (1207)

Guest speaker


Week 13 (1214)

Case presentation 4:  social media and branding global celebrity endorsement

Week 14 (1221)

Advertising/media agency visit


Week 15 (1221)

Guest speaker


Week 16 (1228)

Final wrap-up


Week 17 (0107)

Study at home


Week 18 (0114)

Study at home

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

The program office will assign one teaching assistant to the course within weeks after the class begins.


Country briefings 20% -- a case study warm up exercise: Select five indicators from database and a news article from Variety, Advertising Age, Wall Street Journal (Media and Consumption section), Economist to brief a country story revolving around media product flows, brand strategies, advertising/integrated marketing communication

Midterm reflections and critiques 20%

In-class project briefings and pitch 40 %, come prepared, you will have to work on a case assignment in a prescribed manner (Requirement will be passed on)

Attendance and Participation 20%   


Textbook & Reference

Brand Storytelling: Integrated Marketing Communications for the Digital Media Landscape (2023) By Keith A. Quesenberry, Michael K. Coolsen Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

Global Marketing and Advertising, Understanding Cultural Paradoxes, by Marieke de Mooij, Publisher: Sage.

Marwick, Alice E. (2013). Status update: celebrity, publicity, and branding in the social media age, Yale University Press


Case studies from a wide range of sources will be prepared for discussion. Based on the number of students in the class, case studies will be selected to each student for leading the group discussion.

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