SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMA Program of International Business, First Year MA Program of International Business, Second Year
Course NameLegal Methods
InstructorYANG PEI KAN
Course TypeElective
PrerequisiteFoundations of Business Law、International Business Law、International Contract Law、International Economic and Trade Law
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule



Assigned Readings/ Case Study & Presentation

Week 1 (09/15)

Course Introduction and Logistics

First class PowerPoints


Week 2 (09/22)

Introduction to Legal Methods & Economic Approach to Law

  1. Guido Calabresi, An Introduction to Legal Thought: Four Approaches to Law and to the Allocation of Body Parts (2003), Faculty Scholarship Series, Paper 2022, Yale Law School, (read only Part I~V).

  2. Richard A. Posner, The Economic Approach to Law, 53 Texas Law Review 757 (1975),

Week 3


Legal Methods in International Law & Relations

  1. Steven R. Ratner & Anne-Marie Slaughter, Appraising the Methods of International Law: A Prospectus of Readers, 93 AM. J. INT'L L. 291 (1999).

  2. Kenneth W. Abbott, Modern International Relations Theory: A Prospectus for International Lawyers, 14 Yale Journal of International Law 335 (1989).

Week 4 (10/06)

Legal Methods in International Economic Law


  1. Isabella D Bunn & Colin B Picker, The State and Future of International Economic Law (2008).

  2. Tomer Broude, At the End of the Yellow Brick Road: International Economic Law Research in Times of Uncertainty, Hart Publishing (2008).

Week 5 (10/13)

  1. Gregory Shaffer, A New Legal Realism: Method in International Economic Law Scholarship, Hart Publishing (2008).

  2. Joel P. Trachtman, International Economic Law Research: A Taxonomy, Hart Publishing (2008).

Week 6 (10/20)

  1. Sara Dillon, Opportunism and the WTO: Corporations, Academics and “Member States”, Hart Publishing (2008).

  2. Andrew TF Lang, Some Sociological Perspectives on International Institutions and the Trading System, Hart Publishing (2008)

Week 7 (10/27)

  1. Federico Ortino & Matteo Ortino, Law of the Global Economy: In Need of a New Methodological Approach?,  Hart Publishing (2008).

  2. Emmanuel Voyiakis, Of Foxes and Hedgehogs: Some Thoughts about the Relationship Between WTO Law and General International Law (2008).

[5]~[12] in International Economic Law: The State and Future of the Discipline, Colin B. Picker, Isabella Bunn & Douglas Arner (eds.), Hart Publishing (2008),

Week 8


Economic Approach to  Public International Law

  1. Ronald A. Cass, Introduction: Economics and International law, in Economic Dimensions in International Law: Comparative and Empirical Perspectives, Jagdeep S. Bhandari & Alan O. Sykes (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 1997.

  2. Alan O. Sykes, The Economics of Public International Law, John M. Olin Law & Economics Working Paper No. 216, The Law School, The University of Chicago, July 2004, at

Week 9 (11/10)

No class

Case Study 1~9 can be downloaded at EUI website, WTO Case Law Project:

Week 10 (11/17)

Case study

  1. Russia — Tariff Treatment (DS 485): REYNOLDS, K., & RIGOD, B. (2018). Russia–Tariff Treatment: Identifying Systematic Violations of WTO Law. World Trade Review, 17(2), 291-312. doi:10.1017/S1474745617000659.

Week 11 (11/24)

Case study

  1. Colombia — Textiles (DS 461): FRANCOIS, J., & WHITTAKER, J. (2018). Colombia – Measures Relating to the Importation of Textiles, Apparel and Footwear (DS461). World Trade Review, 17(2), 335-352. doi:10.1017/S1474745617000623.

Week 12


Case study

  1. Russia — Pigs (EU), (DS 475): BLANCHARD, E., & WU, M. (2019). Externalities and Agricultural Import Bans: Evaluating Regionalization Measures in Light of the Russia–Pigs Dispute. World Trade Review, 18(2), 173-195. doi:10.1017/S1474745619000016.

Week 13 (12/08)

Case study

  1. Indonesia — Import Licensing Regimes (DS477): AHN, D., & GNUTZMANN-MKRTCHYAN, A. (2019). Indonesia–Import Licensing Regimes: GATT Rules for Agricultural Trade? World Trade Review, 18(2), 197-218. doi:10.1017/S1474745619000119.

Week 14 (12/15)

Case study

  1. India — Solar Cells (DS 456): KARTTUNEN, M., & MOORE, M. (2018). India–Solar Cells: Trade Rules, Climate Policy, and Sustainable Development Goals. World Trade Review, 17(2), 215-237. doi:10.1017/S1474745617000647.

  2. Indonesia — Chicken (DS 484): RIGOD, B., & TOVAR, P. (2019). Indonesia–Chicken: Tensions between International Trade and Domestic Food Policies? World Trade Review, 18(2), 219-243. doi:10.1017/S1474745619000028.

Week 15 (12/22)

Case study

  1. US — Washing Machines (DS 464): MAVROIDIS, P., & PRUSA, T. (2018). Die Another Day: Zeroing in on Targeted Dumping – Did the AB Hit the Mark in US–Washing Machines? World Trade Review, 17(2), 239-264. doi:10.1017/S1474745617000611.

Week 16


Case study

  1. EC — Fasteners (China) (DS397): ESPA, I., & LEVY, P. (2018). The Analogue Method Comes Unfastened – The Awkward Space between Market and Non-Market Economies in EC–Fasteners (Article 21.5). World Trade Review, 17(2), 313-334. doi:10.1017/S1474745617000593.

Week 17


Case study

  1. EU — Fatty Alcohols (Indonesia) (DS442): HAKOBYAN, S., & TRACHTMAN, J. (2019). EU–Fatty Alcohols (Indonesia): Corporate Structure, Transfer Pricing, and Dumping. World Trade Review, 18(2), 245-261. doi:10.1017/S1474745619000065.

Week 18


No Class

Above cases are subject to change.

Teaching Methods
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Grading will be based 20% on class participation and discussion, 20% on submission of TWO one-page reaction papers (out of 12 assigned articles) on legal methods in general, and 60% on an in-class oral presentation of TWO assigned or self-selected WTO cases together with a completion of TWO five-page term papers. The papers should be an original work based on the assigned or selected WTO case in compliance with appropriate citation rules.

Textbook & Reference

A coursepack will contain all the required readings for this class and should be handy for every class. Selected WTO cases for further analysis will be handed out in class and can also be found in following books or EUI website:

  1. Henrik Horn & Petro C. Mavroidis eds., The American Law Institute Reporters’ Studies on WTO Case Law (of 2004-2005, of 2006-2007) : Legal and Economic Analysis, Cambridge Unviersity Press, 2007 (2008, 2009).

  2. EUI, WTO Case Law Project,

Urls about Course
Legal Texts (Textbook & References) WTO Secretariat, THE RESULTS OF THE URUGUAY ROUND OF MULTILATERAL TRADE Negotiations: THE LEGAL TEXTS, Cambridge University Press/WTO, available at Websites (Related Links) (official website of the World Trade Organization); (case summaries); (Bureau of Foreign Trade, Taiwan, R.O.C.); (official US government trade website); (official trade site of the European Commission); (Duke Law Library’s own Research Guide to the GATT/WTO).