SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentSchedule of College of Commerce Elective Courses for Commerce Students
Course NameBusiness Writing and Oral Training I
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Course Schedule

*We adopt the 17+1-week system, but this arrangement is negotiable.

Prw: preview/FP: Final project

Weekly Session


Preview/Task/Project Progress

Time Investment

(Unit: Hours)


Course Introduction; Warmers; Learning Resources on Campus and the Net

1. Prw. handout 1

2. Finding resources on campus



Discussion Skills: signs and Personality;

Pronunciation Drill I

1. Prw. handout 2

2. Researching celebrities

3. Choose the English song to share



Describing Appearance; Writing Skills I: Intro. to Paragraph Structure & the Topic Sentence

1. Topic Sentence Practice

2. Prw. handout 3

3. Choose the topic of music presentation



Smartphone Addiction: Vocabulary-Builder; Fluency Practice; Pronunciation Drill II

1. Writing Task 2: My Hero/Heroine

2. Prepare Pair Task



Pair Task: Stressing Lip Sync; Recitation Preparation

1. Recitation Preparation

2. Decide on the Individual Oral Presentation Topic



Recitation Showcase; Oral Presentation Skills I

1. Prepare a Mini-presentation

2. Confirm the topic of the Individual Oral Presentation



Oral Presentation Skills II; Mini-Presentation & Instant feedback

  1. Prepare for the Oral Presentation

  2. Narrative Passage assignment




Analytical Reading and A Socratic Seminar: Reading a Narrative

Writing Skills II: Paragraph Development and Writing a Personal Narrative

  1. Complete the first draft of a personal narrative



Mid-term Week

Film Screening; Film Review: an Intro.

1. Prepare for the Oral Presentation

2. Writing Task 2: Film Review



Mini-Individual Oral Presentation: My Favorite

Group I

1. Peer Feedback



Mini-Individual Oral Presentation: My Favorite

Group II

1. Peer Feedback

2. Prw. Handout 3  




Mini-Debate: Uniform or Unicorn?; Language Functions: Giving and Taking Advice; FP Announcement & Preparation

  1. Team Building and Brainstorming for the FP


2 or above


Writing Skills III: Common Writing Errors and Use of Punctuations; FP project Discussion and Consultation; Setting up the Premiere Organizing Committee

1. Writing Task 3: Drafting

the Screenplay

4 or above


Screenplay editing and Line reading; Sample mini-film Discussion

1. Writing Task 4: revising and finalizing the screenplay

4 or more


FP Work Week I: Film shooting

(*Online forum if needed)

1. FP Preparation

4 or more



FP Work Week II: Film shooting and producing

(*Online forum if needed)

1. FP Preparation

4 or more



Final Week

Micro Film Premiere & Reception

(*Online premiere if needed)

1. Submitting the film file

2. Voting for and commenting on your favorite microfilms


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

To be announced in class.


Course Requirements:

  1. English is the instruction language in this course, and students are expected to use English only when communicating with other students and the instructor. 

  2. Students are expected to show strong motivation by actively participating in in-class activities and tasks and preview assigned chapters and materials.

  3. EVERY student will have the opportunity to share a favorite song or a piece of music at the beginning of each weekly session.

  4. Each student will have to make ONE oral presentation on one assigned topic. The attendants will need to propose questions and provide feedback in written form.

  5. Full attendance is strictly required. Two absences or more without proper reasons will result in failure to pass.

  6. Punctuality is similarly required. Lateness for over 5 minutes may count for a half absence.

  7.  If you will miss a class, please inform the instructor in advance. Your request for the instructor’s permission for leave must be made in written form. Use e-mail to inform the instructor at least ONE day prior to the class; in cases of emergency, notify the instructor through e-mail before the class starts. DO NOT ask your classmate to pass the request.

  8. Hand in the final draft and the visual aid file one week ahead of each presentation. No delay is acceptable without the instructor being informed.

  9. All written assignments will have to be submitted on time; the total grade of the assignment will be deducted by 10 percent in cases of late submission.

  10. A meeting with the instructor will/can be scheduled since the second session.

  11. A Business suit is required for the oral presentation weeks. Please start preparing a business suit at the beginning of the semester. More details will be explained in class.

  12. Please visit the Moodle platform on a weekly basis or one day before the class.

  13. Get familiar with video conferencing software, such as Webex.

Class Leaders and Organizing Committee:

The course will need one or two class leaders and voluntary members of the premier organizing committee. Contributors will receive bonus grades depending on the extent of their contribution. The class leader’s responsibilities will include:

1. Checking out and managing equipment

2. Photocopying handouts

3. Collecting assignments

4. Other duties to be discussed

Grading Policy:





Class Participation


Mid-term Project


Final Project


Other tasks


Bonus Grades


 *Bonus grade points are awarded based on performances in in-class activities and tasks. Opportunities for bonus grades will be announced in advance.



Fluent in speech; effective stressing and natural intonations; proper pronunciation; a clear focus and complete structure of the content; full application of the skills introduced; proper standing posture and use of hand gestures


Almost fluent in speech; attempted stressing and natural intonations; proper pronunciation of most of the words; a clear focus and complete structure of the content; use of the skills introduced; proper standing posture and attempted use of hand gestures


Near fluent in speech with breaks; lack of obvious stressing and in sufficient variations in intonations; proper pronunciation of most of the words; lack of a focus in content; use of the skills introduced; infirm standing posture and attempted use of hand gestures


Lack of fluency; lack of obvious stressing and in sufficient variations in intonations; mispronunciations of key words; lack of a focus in content; lack of application of skills; infirm standing posture and attempted use of hand gestures


Failure to reach expected performance in every aspect; improved performance required


Show little or no motivation; lack of preparation or essential skills; miss the assignment or task without proper reason

*Any changes to the grading policy will be announced in class

Textbook & Reference


The course does not require any textbook. Course materials will be prepared by the instructor.

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