SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMA Program of Land Economics, First Year MA Program of Land Economics, Second Year
Course NameSpatial Decision Making
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Classes are 3 hours and take place in the GIS lab (270610). 

Due to the practical nature of this course, we will follow a hybrid approach with mixed theory and practice. 

This course and all handout/upload material are provided in English, therefore a basic command of the English language will be required. 

Also, a basic understanding of spatial data and a feeling for spatial information and relationships are of advantage. Basic knowledge of, and experience with (a) GIS and (b) database management systems are welcome but not required.

Week Topic Class Homework
1 Course Introduction 3 Review and Reading
2 Decision Making Processes 3 Review and Reading
3 Decision Making Processes 3 Review and Reading
4 Decision Making Systems 3 Review and Reading
5 Decision Making Systems 3 Review and Reading
6 Spatial Components 3 Review and Reading
7 Model Components 3 Review and Reading
8 Review Session 3 Review
9 Mid-Term Exam Week -  
10 System Requirements 3 Review and Reading
11 Data and Variables 3 Review and Reading
12 Definition of Workflows 3 Review and Reading
13 Definition of Workflows 3 Review and Reading
14 Assessments and Optimization 3 Review and Reading
15 Use Cases 3 Review and Reading
16 Project Work (self-organized) 3 Project
17 Project Work (self-organized) - Project
18 Final Exam Week    


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

The teaching assistant for Spatial Decision Making will be announced in due time.


This course has a midterm and final exam.

Homework assignments and bonus exercises will help to consolidate the obtained knowledge.

  • The midterm examination will be a portfolio of online questions and/or a project covering the theoretical foundations.

  • The final exam will be a project. In order to complete the final project suceesfully, students will set up a spatial decision-making project, and produce a workflow with evaluation criteria.

Textbook & Reference

All relevant material will be distributed during class. 

There is currently no suitable textbook on the market, and those that provide some background detail on this dynamic topic are outdated. The following contribution comes closest to the course aims and if you find it online or as hardcopy in a library, it does not hurt to take a look.

Sugumaran R, Degroote, J (2010): Spatial Decision Support Systems: Principles and Practices.- 469 pp, CRC Press. ISBN: 9781420062120.

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