SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMA Program of Political Science, First Year MA Program of Political Science, Second Year
Course NameInternational Laws of Human Right
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Weekly Course Schedule
Week Date Topics & designated readings Expected study hours
1 14 Sep 【Introduction】 What is International Law of Human Rights? Is it effective?

-    C. McCrudden (2015) Why Do National Court Judges Refer to Human Rights Treaties?... The American Journal of International Law, 109(3): 534-550.
2 21 Sep 【Institution】 Human Rights Monitoring System of the United Nations

-    J. Krommendijk (2015) The domestic effectiveness of international human rights monitoring in established democracies. The case of the UN human rights treaty bodies. Review of International Organizations, 10: 489-512.
3 28 Sep 【Institution】Implementation of International Human Rights Treaties in Taiwan

-    Y.-J. Chen (2018) Localizing Human Rights Treaty Monitoring: Case Study of Taiwan as a Non-UN Member State. Wisconsin International Law Journal, 35(2): 277-325.
4 05 Oct 【Institution】 European Convention on Human Rights and its monitoring system

-    M. Madsen (2021) 'Unity in Diversity' Reloaded: The European Court of Human Rights’ Turn to Subsidiarity and its Consequences. iCourts Working Paper Series, 244.
5 12 Oct 【Institution】 EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and EU Court of Justice

-    L. Glas & J Krommendijk (2017), From Opinion 2/13 to Avotin?s?: Recent Developments in the Relationship between the Luxembourg and Strasbourg Courts. Human Rights Law Review, 17: 567-587.
6 19 Oct 【Institution】Inter-American System of Human Rights Monitoring

-    A. Dulitzky (2015) An Inter-American Constitutional Court - The Invention of the Conventionality Control by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Texas International Law Journal, 50(1): 45-93.
7 26 Oct 【Institution】African System of Human and Peoples’ Rights Protection

-    F. Viljoen (2018) Understanding and Overcoming Challenges in Accessing the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 67: 63-98.
8 02 Nov 【Practitioner’s Talk】(to be determined / Invitation of a judge, prosecutor, lawyer or NGO member to intervene  3
9 09 Nov Mid-Term Oral Examination  
10 16 Nov 【Jurisprudence】Prohibition of Torture and Slavery

-    ECtHR, Hirsi Jamaa and Others v. Italy, no. 27765/09, 23/02/2012

-    ECtHR, Rantsev v. Cyprus and Russia, no. 25965/04, 07/01/2010
11 23 Nov 【Jurisprudence】Right to Life and Right to Health

-    Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, 597 U.S. ___ (2022)

-    ECtHR, A, B & C v. Ireland, no. 25579/05), 16/12/2010
12 30 Nov 【Jurisprudence】Non-Discrimination and Right to Equality

-    ICJ, Qatar v. United Arab Emirates, 04/02/2021 (paras. 74-105)

-    CRPD, Michael Lockrey v. Australia, 01/04/2016, CRPD/C/15/D/13/2013
13 07 Dec 【Jurisprudence】Right to Adequate Standard of Living

-    CESCR, Mohamed Ben Djazia and Naouel Bellili v. Spain, 20/06/2017, E/C.12/61/D/5/2015

-    CCPR, Naidenova et al. v. Bulgaria, 30/10/2012, CCPR/C/106/D/2073/2011
14 14 Dec 【Jurisprudence】Personal Identity and Family Life

-    ECtHR, A.P., Garçon and Nicot v. France, nos. 79885/12 52471/13 52596/13, 06/04/2017

-    ECtHR, Valdís Fjölnisdóttir and Others v. Iceland, no. 71552/17, 18/05/2021
15 21 Dec 【Jurisprudence】Economy, Environment and Human Rights

-    ECtHR, Cordella and Others v. Italy, no. 17484/15, 25/07/2017 (Eng. summary)

-    IACtHR, Indigenous Communities Members of the Lhaka Honhat Association v. Argentina, 06/02/2020 (Eng. translation)
16 28 Dec Term Oral Examination 6
17 04 Jan “My Human Rights Practices” – Individual project executions/experiments (Week 1) 3
18 12 Jan “My Human Rights Practices” – Individual project executions/experiments (Week 2) 3

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant




  • General evaluation (30%) of personal performance on in-class discussions, guided reading, individual project and Facebook group participation.

  • Mid-term oral examination (35%)

  • Term oral examination (35%)

Our evaluation of students' performance during oral examinations shall be based on their comprehension and quality of argumentation, without our value judgement nor appreciation of students' English proficiency. We reserve a possibility for students who aim at becoming legal practitioners in Taiwan to use Mandarin as their oral examination language. 

Textbook & Reference


Designated readings as listed in the course schedule + suggested textbooks available in NCCU library

  • I. Bantekas & L. Oette, International human rights law and practice, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2013.

  • D. Shelton, The Oxford handbook of international human rights law, NY: Oxford University Press, 2013.

  • A. McBeth, J. Nolan, S. Rice, The international law of human rights, S. Melbourne: O.U.P., 2011.

  • B. G. Ramcharan, The fundamentals of international human rights treaty law, Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff, 2011.

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