SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentJunior Class of Department of Sociology Senior Class of Department of Sociology
Course NameGlobalization and Social Change
InstructorCHEN JEN-HAO
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Weekly Schedule




Week 1: 9/11



Week 2: 9/18


Documentary 1 & Discussion

Week 3: 9/25


Settersten Jr, R. A., Bernardi, L., Härkönen, J., Antonucci, T. C., Dykstra, P. A., Heckhausen, J., ... & Thomson, E. (2020). Understanding the effects of Covid-19 through a life course lens. Advances in Life Course Research, 45, 100360.

Week 4: 10/2


Prime, H., Wade, M., & Browne, D. T. (2020). Risk and resilience in family well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. American Psychologist, 75(5), 631.

Week 5: 10/9

Holiday, No Class


Week 6: 10/16


Work & Family

Documentary 2 & Discussion

Week 7: 10/23

Work & Family

Collins, C. (2019). Making motherhood work: How women manage careers and caregiving. Princeton University Press. Selected Chapters

Week 8: 10/30

Work & Family

Collins, C. (2019). Making motherhood work: How women manage careers and caregiving. Princeton University Press. Selected Chapters

Week 9: 11/6


Documentary 3 & Discussion

Week 10: 11/13


United Nations Population Fund & Help Age International. (2012). Ageing in the twenty-first century: A celebration and a challenge. Chapter 1

Week 11: 11/20


Yasuda, T., Iwai, N., Chin-Chun, Y., & Guihua, X. (2011). Intergenerational coresidence in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan: comparative analyses based on the East Asian social survey 2006. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 42(5), 703-722.

Week 12: 11/27

LGBTQ Movement

Documentary 4 & Discussion

Week 13: 12/4

LGBTQ Movement

Rosenfeld, M. J. (2017). Moving a mountain: The extraordinary trajectory of same-sex marriage approval in the United States. Socius, 3, 2378023117727658.

Week 14: 12/11

Student Presentation I


Week 15: 12/18

Student Presentation II


Week 16: 12/25

Student Presentation III


Week 17: 1/1

Supplementary Learning Activities


Week 18: 1/8

Supplementary Learning Activities


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Grading Policy and Standard


1. Class Participation 50%

This class pays attention to class participation. Each student is required to voice his/her opinions and ideas in order to get a good grade from this course. Throughout the semester, we will also have several relatively short assignments that aim to help you think about the issues concerning globalization and social changes and to express your opinions in the classroom. These assignments are important part of the classroom discussion. No late assignment is allowed.  

  • If you sit in the classroom throughout the semester without participating in the classroom discussion, you will get zero point for this part.

  • Please preparate and come to the classroom for discussion. I will call people, especially Taiwanese students in the classroom. Since all discussion questions in the classroom are open-ended, you will get zero point if I call you and you have nothing to say.


2 Short Quizzes 25%

There will be several in-class short quizzes (i.e., multiple choice). The purpose of these quizzes is to test students’ understanding of principles and concepts of the readings. If you miss a short quiz, you will not be able to take a make-up quiz.


3 In-Class Presentation 25%

Each student is required to do an in-class presentation in any topic that is related to the globalization and social changes. The presentation should be approximately 10-15 minutes and will hold in the last two or three classes depending on the number of students. The purpose of the presentation is to train students to present in international meetings. I will give more instructions on the presentation in class.

Textbook & Reference

Please check weekly schedule for a list of reading materials.

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