SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentMA Program Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy, First Year MA Program Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy, Second Year MA Program Graduate Institute of Educational Administration and Policy, Third Year
Course NameHigher Education Studies: Internationalization of Higher Education and Quality Assurance
InstructorHOU YUNG-CHI
Course TypeElective
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2023 NCCU international course (Fall semester):

“International Trends in Higher Education Research and Quality Assurance”


By Angela Yung Chi Hou

Room 208

Course Themes

Dates / Time

Taipei time



Theme 1 Global trends, quality and higher education policy 



10:00am~ 13:00 am

Topic one: An introduction of Globalization and Higher Education (10 trends) and New development

Angela Yung Chi Hou/ William Yat Wai Lo

(Associate Professor in Intercultural and International Education

School of Education

Durham University)

Topic Two: Trends, Concepts and Challenges in Internationalization of

Higher Education


9/ 23

9:00 ~ 16:00 am

Taipei time

Topic three: Development of QA in Asia

Topic Four: Higher Education in Taiwan-Global, Political and Social Challenges and Future Trends

Paper topic building

Theme 2: Universities’ governance, internationalization strategies and TNE


9:00 ~16:00 pm 

Taipei time


Topic five : International branch campuses in Asia: regulation, governance, and quality assurance

Angela Yung Chi Hou / Christopher Hill , Professor Faculty of Education, The British University in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Topic six: International research Partnership


Paper outline presentation / consultancy

Theme 3: Quality assurance in Higher Education


seminars )

10/ 13 ( 14:40-15:40 at National Normal University)  

Theme : Global discourse and local response on university social impacts

Angela Yung Chi

/ Andy Fu

/ Jason Yang

10/19~ 20

(9:00 ~17:00)

(HEEACT international conference

Theme: The Present and Future of Student Engagement in Higher Education Quality Assurance/



Bjørn Stensaker

/ Angela Yung Chi Hou

/  Craig Thompson

/ Basbayar Batmunkh

10/ 27 (9:00 ~18:00 at NCCU

NCCU and Lingnan joint conference- Education in the Age of AI

Angela Yung Chi Hou/ Ka Ho Mok

Capstone session


11/4  (10:00 ~ 17:00 ) at

National Chaiyi University

PhD student forum (onsite) see attachment 

Paper outline presentation and discussion

PhD student forum (onsite) see

appendix 1 

Angela Yung Chi Hou/ Sheng Ju Chan/

Andy Fu /

Jason Yang


APEC Simulation


See appendix 2

Angela Yung Chi Hou


















































Appendix 1

PhD Student Forum:

Research Capacity Building and Higher Education Research

  1. OrganizerNational Chung Cheng University

  2. Co-organizers: National Chengchi University, National Taipei University of Technology, National Chia Yi University, Chinese Taipei Comparative Education Society

  3. Venue: College of Education, National Chung Cheng University

  4. DateNov. 4, 2023

  5. Program




Opening remark

Professor Cheng Ju Chan (NCU)

Prof. Angela Yung Chi Hou, College Education (NCCU)


Panel 1

ChairProfessor Angela Yung Chi Hou


Panel 2

ChairAssociate Prof. Andy Yuan Chih Fu (Taipei Tech)




Panel 3

ChairProf. Sheng Ju Chen (NCU)


Panel 4

Chair Prof. Jason Yang (NCYU)


Discussion and Conclusion

Discussants: Professor Angela Yung Chi, Professor Cheng Ju Chen, Professor Jason Yang, Dr. Andy Yuan Chih Fu


Appendix 2

Group Presentation APEC Higher Education Summit:

A New Balance between Globalization, Regionalization, and Localization in competitive higher education after COVID-19 pandemic  

(2023/ 11/ 11 )


       Globalization in higher education has been a common trend in the 21st Century. Some education problems which originated from the various conceptions of the notion of globalization lead many educators and academic staffs to consider the reconstruction of core curriculum, personnel hiring and resource allocation. Besides, higher education also faces tension between localization and internationalization under the impact of global college rankings. However, high technology becomes a tool which is able to initiate innovative teaching strategies and change the interactive relationship between faculty and students. Distance education which could be regarded as a new production under the great development of technological education poses a great impact on academic localization.

        Due to the keen competition in higher education, many institutions are heading to the development of a cyber university, of, you bet, there is no exception for Asian higher education systems. However, a paradox between maintenance of academic localization, regionalization and development of globalization in higher education has been initiated in the early 21st century. Asian higher education systems are facing the similar challenges inside and outside countries. As a representative of China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, HK, etc, you would like to share your views on the issue and propose an initiative, which will enhance the quality of Asian higher education and strengthen harmonization with the region.


APEC Summit Chair


APEC General Secretary


Taiwan representative


Malaysia representative


Japan representative


Indonesian representative


Main China representative



II. Content:

1. Introduction of country's HE, including internationalization strategies and QA system (7 min)

2. Challenges faced by your country in terms of globalization (5 mins)

3. Response to globalization and regionalization (3 mins)

4. A balance between globalization, and localization (3 mins)

5. COVID-19 impacts over your higher education system, TNE and online programs (3 min

6. New proposal for regional collaboration, talent mobility and quality assurance scheme for transnational higher education and online program after COVID-19 (5 mins)


III. Upload your key points in your country with 5 pages to NCCU on line learning system




Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Edward Su 


The course will be graded based on the following criteria:

1. Class discussions (20%). Contributions in class should reveal a substantial familiarity with assigned readings, a capacity to analyze the issues and problems under group discussion, and an ability to incorporate, synthesize, and constructively criticize the comments of classmates.

2. Group / Individual presentation (30 %).

3. English Final paper (50%)

Textbook & Reference

1. William Yat Wai Lo and Chang Da Wan (2021). Revisiting the Asian regulatory regimes in transnational education: how local politics (re)oriented higher education policy in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. POLICY REVIEWS IN HIGHER EDUCATION 2021, VOL. 5, NO. 2, 113–130

2. SIMON MARGINSON (2006). Dynamics of national and global competition in higher education. Higher Education (2006) 52: 1–39

3. Jisun Jung , Hugo Horta & Gerard A. Postiglione (2021): Living in uncertainty: the COVID-19 pandemic and higher education in Hong Kong, Studies in Higher Education

4. Hou, Angela Yung Chi, Lu, I J. G., & Hill, C. (2022). What Has Been the Impact of COVID-19 on Driving Digitalization, Innovation and Crisis Management of Higher Education and Quality Assurance? – A Taiwan Case Study in Alignment with the INQAAHE Virtual Review. Higher Education Policy. (online) SSCI Q1

5. Hou, Angela Yung Chi, Hill, C., Justiniano, D., Lin, F. Y. A. (2021). Is employer engagement effective in external quality assurance of higher education? A paradigm shift or QA disruption from quality assurance perspectives in Asia. Higher Education. (online). SSCI Q1

6. Hou, Angela Yung Chi, Hill, C., Justiniano, D., Yang, C. & Gong, Q. (2021). Relationship between ‘Employability’ and ‘Higher Education’ From Global Ranker and Accreditor’s Perspectives—Does a Gap Exist between Institutional Policy Making and Implementation in Taiwan Higher Education? The Journal of Education and Work. 34(3), 292-312.

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