SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English I
InstructorMAO PEI-CHI
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule








Content and Reading Assignment


Teaching Activities and Homework



  • Course Orientation

  • Presentation skills and body language

  • Presentation skills and body language

  • Make Body Language Your Superpower




  • Textbook Unit 6

  • Modals of permission and obligation

  • Email in Real Life

  • Create your own school slogan/rules

  • Exercises in Unit 6





  • Textbook Unit 6

  • Effective reading Strategies

  • Article: “Are Our Kids Tough Enough?”

  • BBC reality TV

  • TOEIC Writing Task 1&2

  • Exercises in Unit 6





  • Textbook Unit 6

  • Economic inequality in the US

  • News Video: The Most Dangerous School in the US

  • Listening Technique: inducing meaning from the context

  • TED Talk: How to Fix a Broken School

  • How to write an opinion essay

  • Exercises in Unit 6




The Real Me

  • Textbook Unit 8

  • Superhero Films

  • How to write an opinion essay

  • TOEIC Speaking: reading aloud and describing a picture

Written assignment 1:

opinion essay (Express opinions regarding local and global issues)



The Real Me

  • Textbook Unit 8

  • Listening for academic purposes

  • TED talk: The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain

  • Binomial expressions

  • TOEIC Speaking: describing a picture

Exercises in Unit 8



The Real Me

  • TED Talk: How Movies Teach Manhood  

  • Gender Stereotypes in Movies

  • Characteristics of a good presentation

  • Writing practice

Exercises in Unit 8



Midterm Exam & Student Presentation

  • Student Presentation 

  • Writing task: commenting on listening/reading content

  • Prepare for oral presentation



Student Presentation 

  • Student Presentation 



A Healthy Life

  • Textbook Unit 9

  • Suffixes

  • Article: “The Healthiest Places in the World”

  • TOEIC/TOEFL speaking tips

  • TV series: Modern Family

Watch Unit 5 Cross-cultural Video on Moodle and complete online quiz



A Healthy Life

  • Textbook Unit 9

  • TOEIC Speaking

  • Boris Johnson Tells the British People: You Must Stay Home

  • Differences between American and British English

Exercises in Unit 9



A Healthy Life

  • Textbook Unit 9

  • TED Talk: My Simple Invention, Designed to Keep My Grandfather Safe

  • Speaking activity: Presenting your own Fitness Tracker

  • How to write a statement of purpose

Exercises in Unit 9




  • Textbook Unit 10

  • Similes, metaphors and analogies

  • Article: “Earthrise”

  • How to write a statement of purpose

Written assignment 2:

Statement of purpose




  • Textbook Unit 10

  • TED’s Secret to Great Public Speaking

  • Speaking Technique: Explain and support an argument



Final review; interview


Prepare for final exam



Final exam; interview

Written Test

Writing task: Opinion essay (Express opinions regarding local and global issues)




Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Class time will be devoted to activities that allow you to practice and interact in English. To successfully complete the course, you must prepare the assigned homework prior to class and, while in class actively participate in class discussions and pair/group work. Your final grades are determined by the following course components:

  • Attendance and participation 20%

  • Midterm Exam (including writing task 1) 20%

  • Presentation 15%

  • Final Exam (including writing task 2) 20%

  • Interview 10%

  • Written Assignments 15%

In-class Activities

Students are expected to arrive at the class on time.  Roll calls are taken every week and active class participation is highly valued. Periodically throughout the semester, speaking/writing exercises will be given in class. 

Student presentation

You will give an oral presentation during the semester. For the oral presentation, you will present the main idea as well as your opinion on related news articles. The presentation should be approximately 5 minutes each student. More details will be provided in class.



All materials, including the readings, handouts and the PowerPoint slides used in class will potentially be included in midterm and final exams. Both exams contain vocabulary/grammar questions, a listening/reading section, and a writing task. No make-up exams will be given unless you have received the instructor’s permission in advance.



The interview requires you to answer three or more questions for one minute each question. The instructor will evaluate your ability to respond to the questions appropriately and to speak for an extended period of time without hesitation, deviation or repetition. A list of interview questions will be given to you in advance. 


Written assignments

There will be two written assignments based on the learning materials for the course. You need to complete another two writing tasks during the midterm and final exam week. The grading rubric for the written assignments is available on the website.

Textbook & Reference

  • Required textbook: Perspectives 4 by Amanda Jeffries, Daniel Barber & Lewis Lansford (2018)

Note: The textbook will be used for two semesters.  NEW and unused textbooks are recommended. 


  • Supplementary handouts: To be distributed in class.

  • Study materials:

    1. Introduction to Cross-cultural Communication videos on Moodle

    2. How to fix a broken school?

    1. The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain

    1. My simple invention, designed to keep my grandfather safe

    1. TED's secret to great public speaking


  • Resources:

TED talks:

BBC news:

CNN news:

The Washinton Post:

The New York Times:



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