SemesterFall Semester, 2023
DepartmentGeneral Education Courses in Foreign Languages
Course NameCollege English I
InstructorMAO PEI-CHI
Course TypeSelectively
Course Objective
Course Description
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Content and Reading Assignment


Teaching Activities and Homework


Course overview & tips on self-introduction and interviews






Get your textbook ready. Bring it to class next time.


Hopes and dreams



  • Textbook unit 1

  • TED Talk: 8 Traits of Successful People

  • Presentation Skills

  • Reading: Living the Dream

Exercises in unit 1


Hopes and dreams

  • Textbook unit 1

  • collocations

  • Reading: A 3-Step Method For Achieving Any Goal

  • Speaking activity: creating a dialogue about college goals

Exercises in unit 1


Hopes and dreams

  • Textbook unit 1

  • TED Talk: Five Ways to Kill your Dreams

  • How to write an email

  • Writing exercise & common mistakes in students’ emails

1st written assignment: writing an email


Reading the world

  • Textbook unit 2

  • Gradable and ungradable adjectives

  • Tips on IELTS speaking

  • Describing your favorite books and movies

  • Email writing practice

Exercises in unit 2


Reading the World

  • Textbook unit 2

  • Similes and Metaphors

  • IELTS speaking part 2

  • The development of a story

  • Writing a story ending

Exercises in unit 2



Reading the world

  • Textbook unit 2

  • TED Talk: My Year Reading a Book from Every Country in the World

  • How to give an effective presentation 

  • Midterm review worksheet


Prepare for midterm exam.


Midterm Exam &

Student presentation

Exam & presentation 

Prepare your presentation slides.

Practice for the presentation.


Student presentation

Oral presentation



Pristine Places

  • Textbook unit 3

  • First, second and third conditional

  • Sentence fragments and run-on sentences

  • Stand-up comedy and stereotypes

Exercises in unit 3


Pristine Places

  • Textbook unit 3

  • Prefixes and acronyms

  • Documentary: A Plastic Ocean

  • UNESCO world heritage site

  • Speaking activity: creating a pledge about ocean protection

Exercises in unit 3



Pristine Places


  • Textbook unit 3

  • TED talk: An Underwater Museum Teeming with Life

  • How to write a summary

  • Summary writing practice

2nd written assignment: writing a summary on a given article


Global Citizens


  • Textbook unit 5

  • Words and phrases to talk about a person’s character

  • Listening task about Malala

  • Speaking activity

  • Article: “A Kinder World?”

  • Grammar point: inversion

Exercises in unit 5


Global Citizens

  • Textbook Unit 5  

  • Ice/rice bucket challenge

  • Popular people and trends

  • TED talk: What does it Mean to be a Citizen of the World?




Final review

Final Review

Review worksheet

Role play practice



Final Exam

Student role play


Final role play

Writing task: Describing a graph


Intercultural Communication (Online module)

Moodle lessons, Unit 1-3



Intercultural Communication (Online module)

Moodle lessons, Unit 1-3


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Class time will be devoted to activities that allow you to practice and interact in English. To successfully complete the course, you must prepare the assigned homework prior to class and, while in class actively participate in discussions and pair/group work. Your final grades are determined by the following course components:

  • Participation (including attendance, class discussion, class activities and homework): 20%

  • Midterm exam (including a writing task): 20%

  • Final exam (including a writing task): 20%

  • Oral presentation: 15% 

  • Written assignments: 15%

  • Role play: 10%


  • Cross-cultural quizzes (week 17-18): An additional one point is given to students who have viewed assigned videos and completed online quizzes before the deadline.



Your participation grade will be based on your attendance, homework preparation, class discussions, and the contribution you make to the learning experience of others. Contribution includes your in-class questions to the instructor, insights and comments regarding class content, answers to the instructor’s questions, and reactions to other students’ contributions.



All materials, including the readings, handouts, and information provided in class will potentially be included on mid-term and final exams. Both the mid-term exam and the final exam are written tests, containing a vocabulary section, a listening section, a reading section, and a writing task. No make-up exams will be given unless you have received the instructor’s permission in advance.


Written assignments

In addition to the periodic in-class and take-home writing exercises, there will be two written assignments based on the learning materials for the course. More details will be provided in class.


Student presentations

You will give a 5-minute PowerPoint presentation on one or more articles from CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, or The New York Times. More details will be provided in class.


Role play

For the role-play, you and your teammates will talk about one of the given topics.  Each role-play should be approximately 10 minutes. You should try to use as many words taught in class as possible.

Textbook & Reference


  • Textbook: Perspectives 4 by Amanda Jeffries, Daniel Barber & Lewis Lansford (2018) 

  • Supplementary readings: To be distributed in class.

  • Resources:


BBC Learning English:

TED talks:


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Online Module on Intercultural Communication:

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