SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentFreshman Class of BA in Global Governance
Course NameComputational Thinking with Python
InstructorCHIU SHU-I
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
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Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Variables, statements, and numbers

Week 3: Conditional Execution

Week 4: Loops and iterations

Week 5: Functions and Recursion

Week 6: Lists and Tuples

Week 7: Strings

Week 8: Dictionaries and Sets

Week 9: Midterm

Week 10: Files and Exceptions

Week 11: Networking and Rest API

Week 12: Data Crawling

Week 13: Regular expressions

Week 14: IDEs

Week 15-16: Python libraries for data analysis

Week 17: Modular and Object-Oriented Programming

Week 18: Final Presentation 

Teaching Methods
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  1. Homework (40%)

  2. Midterm (30%)

  3. Final project (30%)

Textbook & Reference

  1. Starting out with Python 5th edition, Tony Gaddis, 2020

  2. Python for everyone,  

Urls about Course

python and computational thinking.pdf