SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentSelective courses of master level,College of Education Selective courses of undergraduate level,College of Education
Course NameAdolescent Emotional and Behavioral Problems
InstructorFU JU-HSIN
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

  1. Introductions

  2. Adolescent development

  3. Family influence on adolescent development

  4. Community influence on adolescent development

  5. Overview of adolescent emotional and behavioral problems

  6. Social difficulties

  7. Anxiety & depression

  8. Suicide & self-injurious behavior

  9. Eating disorders

  10. Dating/relationship; partner violence; teen pregnancy

  11. Sensation-seeking, risk-taking, and reckless behaviors

  12. Substance misuse and abuse

  13. Aggression/bullying

  14. Gangs

  15. Primary preventions

  16. Evidence-based practices

  17. Students presentations

  18. Conclusions & final thoughts

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



?Attendance (10%)

?Class participation and in-class activities(30%)

?Individual and group presentations (30%)

?Final Report (30%)

Textbook & Reference

  • Gullotta, T.P. & Adams, G.R. (2005). Handbook of Adolescent Behavioral Problems. Springer Science + Business Media, Inc.

  • Santrock, John W. (2011). Adolescence (14th ed.). New York: McGraw-hill.

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