SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentMA Program of English, First Year Ph.D. Program in English Literature, First Year MA Program of English, Second Year Ph.D. Program in English Literature, Second Year
Course NameModern Drama
Course TypeElective
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Week Date       Topic                                                               Oral Presentation Q&A

1      2.23         INTRODUCTION TO THE COURSE

                        Classroom: 檢索教室 4th F, Daxian Library 達賢圖書館

2      3.2           1. A Doll’s House (1879)

3      3.9           2. A Dream Play (1901)

4      3.16         3. The Cherry Orchard (1904)

5      3.23         4. Major Barbara (1905)

6      3.30         5. Six Characters in Search of an Author (1921)

7      4.6           6. Desire under the Elms (1924)

8      4.13         7. Mother Courage and Her Children (1941)

9      4.20         8. Glass Menageries (1944)

10    4.27         9. Death of a Salesman (1949)

11    5.4           10. Waiting for Godot (1953)

12    5.11         11. A Raisin in the Sun (1959)

13    5.18         12. ‘night Mother (1969)

14    5.25         13. Top Girls (1982)

15    6.1           14. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (1987)

16    6.5           15. M. Butterfly (1988)

17    6.15         Term Paper Outline Presentation

18    6.22         Term Paper Conference


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

Students are expected to do two 30-minute oral presentations and make hard copies of their oral presentations for the whole class. The content of the oral report should include the playwright, plot, character, theme, symbol, their classmates’ discussion questions, and selected annotated bibliography. Students are to design one study question, send the question to their classmate in charge of the oral report one day before the class, write down the answer, and turn in the hard copy weekly. They have to present their term paper topic, abstract, and outline one week before the paper deadline. The term paper (10 pages for MA students, 15 pages for PhD students) is due one week after the end of the class.

Participation in discussion      10%

Weekly Q&A                          10%

Two oral presentations            30%

One term paper                       50%


Textbook & Reference

Beckett, Samuel. Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts. Taipei: Bookman,


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Recommended Reading List

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