SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentFreshman Class A, Department of English
Course NameApproaches to Literature
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Class Schedule:


Feb         22            Introduction to the class; what is literature?

Readings: LInda Brewer,”20/20, ” p. 20; Borges, “Borges and I” (handouts)

                                What are the Elements of Fiction?


Mar.        1              No class

8               Reading: Approaches (1)

Joyce Carol Oates, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” p. 64

Worksheet #1 What is the plot?

                15            Quiz #1


Edgar Allan Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado,” p. 81

                                           Toni Morrison, “Recitatif,” p. 101

                                Worksheet #2 Point of View and Character

                22            Quiz #2


James Joyce, “Araby,” p. 126

                                Stephen Crane, “The Open Boat,” p. 188

                                Worksheet #3: Setting and Symbol

                29            Quit #3


Ray Bradbury, “The Veldt,” p. 254

                                William Faulkner, “A Rose for Emily,” p. 293

                                Worksheet #4


April       5              No class

                12            Quiz #4


Flannery O’Connor, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” p. 356

John Updike, “A & P,” p. 382

                                Worksheet #5


                19            Mid-term Exam

                26            Poetry Reading: What is poetry?

                                Introduction to the Elements of Poetry


Edwin Arlington Robinson, “Richard Cory,” p. 403

                                William Wordsworth, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” p. 406

                                Worksheet #6


May       3              Quiz #5

Poetry Readings: Approaches (2)

Margaret Atwood, “Death of a Young Son by Drowning,” p. 432

William Wordsworth, “She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways,” p. 435

                                 Dorothy Parker, “A Certain Lady,” p. 435

                                 Worksheet #7

                10            Quiz #6

                                Poetry Readings:

                                Matthew Arnold, “Dover Beach,” p. 446

                                Andrew Marvell, “To His Coy Mistress,” p. 455

                                Terrance Hayes, “Carp Poem,” p. 458

                                Worksheet #8

                17            Quiz #7

                                Poetry Readings:

                                W. D. Snodgrass, “Leaving the Motel,” p. 463

                                W. H. Auden, “Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,” p. 469

                                Theodore Roethke, “My Papa’s Waltz,” p 479

                                Sharon Olds, “Sex without Love,” p. 481

                                Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken,” p. 511

                                Worksheet #9

                24            Quiz #8

                                Poetry Readings:

                                William Blake, “London,” p. 482

                                William Carlos Williams, “The Read Wheelbarrow,” p. 483

                                Emily Dickenson, “Because I could not stop for Death,” p. 492

                                William Wordsworth, “London, 1802,” p. 493

                                John Keats, “Ode to a Nightingale,” p. 509

                                Worksheet #10

                31            Drama Reading: What is drama? Approaches (3)

                                Introduction to the Elements of Drama

                                Lorraine Hansberry, “A Raisin in the Sun,” p. 787

                                Worksheet #11


June        7              Quiz #10

                                Henrik Ibsen, “A Doll House,” p. 851

                                Worksheet #12

                14            Quiz #11

                                Sophocles, “Antigone,” p. 1005

                21            Final Exam


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Course Requirements:

1. Class Attendance: Class attendance is a normal expectation and a whole bunch of absences (about 3) will make your final grade suffer.

2. Reading Assignments: You are supposed to complete all reading assignments before attending classes.  Several impromptu quizzes might be given to check this requirement.

3. Examinations: You take two 90-minute in-class exams (mid-term, April 19 and final, June 21)

4. Discussion and Worksheets: Two of you will organize a study team, whose function is to encourage you to share and develop opinions and insights with your group partner. Each team will be given some worksheets each week. You are required to turn in your worksheets in class.

5. Grading Procedures: The following formula will be used to decide your final grades.


        30% Class Attendance, Reading Assignments and Quizzes

        30% Discussion and Worksheets

        40% Exams (Mid-term and Final)

Textbook & Reference

Mays, Kelley J., ed. Norton Introduction to Literature. 13th Ed.

Abrams, M.H. and Geoffrey Galt Harpham. A Glossary of Literary Terms. 11th Ed.

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