SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentSophomore Class A, Department of Management Information Systems Sophomore Class B, Department of Management Information Systems
Course NameManagement Science
Course TypeRequired
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

We will have a total of 15 class meetings. Below is the tentative schedule.




Linear & Integer Programming

(Prof. Samuel Chen)

Course Introduction

W1: 2/24

Linear Programming (I)

W2: 3/03

Linear Programming (II)

W3: 3/10

Integer Programming

W4: 3/17

The Simplex Method

W5: 3/24

Exam I

W6: 3/31

Non-linear Programming & Simulation Modeling

 (Prof. Amber Chou & Prof. Howard Chuang)

Nonlinear Programming (I)

W7: 4/07

Nonlinear Programming (II)

W8: 4/14


W9: 4/21

Multi-Period Planning

W10: 4/28

Simulation (I)

W11: 5/05

Simulation (II)

W12: 5/12

Optimization & Simulation

W13: 5/19

Term Project

(Prof. Amber Chou & Prof. Howard Chuang)

Project Preparation (NO Class Meeting)

W14: 5/26

Project Demo

W15: 6/02

Project Demo

W16: 6/09

Review (NO Class Meeting)

W17: 6/16

Exam II

W18: 6/23


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Homework: 25%

Exam: 50%

Term Project: 25%

Textbook & Reference

Lecture notes and assigned readings will be provided. So NO textbooks are required. Below lists our key references in developing this course.

Anderson et al. 2011 An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision


Bertsimas & Freund 2004 Data, Models, and Decisions: The Fundamentals of Management Science.   

Hiller & Hiller 2018 Introduction to Management Science: A Modeling and Case Studies Approach

with Spreadsheets.

Radin 1998 Optimization in Operations Research.

Winston 2003 Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms.

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