SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentDept. of English Course Schedule for Minor Students
Course NameEnglish Oral Training
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteEnglish Oral Training、Oral Presentation and Interaction、Public Speaking
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Students should:

  • regularly check the MOODLE course website for announcements and materials

  • prepare class materials before class to ensure active class participation

  • actively take part in class discussions (English is required for all discussions)

  • complete assignments on time (Assignments later than 3 days will be penalized; Very late assignments may not be graded)

  • complete assignments accurately (Accuracy of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation)

  • present a midterm and final project

  • attend class (Attendance is mandatory: If you are unable to attend class, please contact and arrange with the teacher at least 24 hours before class; Late by more than 30 minutes is considered absent).

  • Not commit plagiarism (the passing of someone else’s work as your own). Strategies for avoiding this will be discussed in class and you may always ask the teacher if you are uncertain. Plagiarized assignments will be returned ungraded

Tentative Class Schedule



Course Theme


Content and Reading Assignments


Class Activity & Homework


Cultures, subcultures & (mis)understanding

Evaluating an Audience

Review of prior methods

Cultural Sensitivity

Audience analysis

Group Discussion


Cultures, subcultures & (mis)understanding

A-R-E Overview

Revision: Cause-Effect Model


Group Discussion

Analyze examples

Group/Class Activity: Impromptu Speech


Cultures, subcultures & (mis)understanding

Making and Evaluating Persuasive Arguments

Addressing the audience

Group Assignment: Simulation of A-R-E (Voice Practice)

Homework: A-R-E (Voice Practice)


Cultural Issues & Economics

Rebuttals and Counter Arguments: Evaluating Sources

Class Assignment: Simulation of A-R-E (Voice Practice)

Assignment Due: A-R-E (Voice Practice)


Cultural Issues & Economics

Script Writing Skills: Tools for Introductions; Hook Practice

Rebuttals and Counter Arguments: Reasoned Statements and fallacies

Group/Class Activity: Counter Arguments; Panel discussion

Group Assignment: Counter Arguments

Analyze examples


Cultural Issues & Economics

Debates; Rhetoric: Repetition & Parallelism;

Group Assignment: Planning Rebuttals; Panel Discussion

Homework: Rebuttals


Globalization & Nationalism

Writing for speeches: Brevity and Persuasiveness (Orwell)

Script Writing Skills: Logical Appeals, Extended Analogy

Group simulation: Rebuttals; Panel Discussion

Assignment Due: Rebuttals


Globalization & Nationalism

Using visual aids; Data Commentary & Sourcing

Group Dynamics: Strategic recovery & Partner cooperation

Group/Class Activity: Impromptu Speech

Homework: Prepare Midterm Draft


Globalization & Nationalism

Class Midterm Simulation

Assignment Due: Draft of Midterm

Group Simulation of Midterm & Peer Review


Midterm Exam: presentation

Midterm Presentation (Pair Assignment)

Assignment Due: Script and Speech (A-R-E)


Public Safety & Security

Emotional appeals; Extreme contrast

Revision: Analogy, Hyperbole, Allusion

Group/Class Activity: Impromptu Speech

Analyze example


Public Safety & Security

Introducing Humor in Speeches

Rhetoric: Climax & Anti-climax

Group Discussion; Voice Practice

Analyze example

Homework: Voice Practice


Public Safety & Security

Rhetoric: Inferences & connotation

Debating Skills

Group/Class Activity: Impromptu Speech

Group Activity: Emotional Appeals & Rhetorical Devices

Assignment Due: Voice Practice


International Conflict & Weapons

Rhythm and Intonation (Class Voice Practice)

Debating Skills

Group Assignment: Debate

Homework: Debate


International Conflict & Weapons

Rhythm and Intonation (Class Voice Practice)

Body Language and Visuals

Group Simulation: Debate

Assignment Due: Debate


International Conflict & Weapons

Body Language and Visuals

Grammatical fluency

Class Simulation: Debate

Homework: Final Draft




Group Practice and Peer Review

Assignment Due: Full draft of final assignment


Final Presentation

Group Debates

Assignment Due: Final Assignment


Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant



Students are evaluated according to their levels of active participation, comprehension of assigned materials, ability to initiate, direct and end conversations, interacting with cultural awareness, seeking and presenting information in an organized manner, improvisation in new situations, fluency, and accuracy (grammar, pronunciation, contextual appropriateness).


1. Attendance, Participation and Class Discussion: 30%*

2. Class Assignments: 20%**

3. Midterm Oral presentation: 20%

4. Final Project: 30%

Textbook & Reference

References & Recommended Readings:

Class content consists of authentic reading materials. These materials are posted to Moodle and students should prepare the materials before class to ensure active class participation. The materials are from:

  1. Handouts

  2. Current News and Feature Articles (from CNN/BBC…)

  3. Academic Articles

  4. Ted Talk Shows (Some Scripts are available)

  5. McGuigan, Brendan. Rhetorical Devices: A Handbook and Activities for Student Writers (p. 63). Prestwick House. Kindle Edition.

  6. Orwell, G. (1968). Politics and the English language. In The collected essays, journalism and letters of George Orwell (pp. 127-140). Harcourt, Brace, Javanovich.

  7. Other supplementary materials.

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