SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentIntegrated Curriculum by Dept. of Finance
Course NameInvestments
Course TypeRequired
PrerequisiteEconomic Analysis、Economics、Intro Microeconomics、Introduction to Economics、Principle of Economics,Fundamental Accounting (I)、Fundamental Accounting(I)、Priciple of Accounting,Financial Accounting Q4、Fundamental Accounting (II)、Fundamental Accounting(II)
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

  1. (2/24) Introduction and get acquainted 

Chpt. 1 and investment process

  1. (3/3) Securities markets, mutual funds and trading mechanism  

Chpt. 2, 3, 4

  1. (3/10) Securities markets, mutual funds and trading mechanism

Chpt. 2, 3, 4

  1. (3/17) Risk and return

Chpt. 5

  1. (3/24) Efficient diversification

Chpt. 6

  1.     (3/31) Capital asset pricing and multi-factor models

Chpt. 7

  1.     (4/7) Capital asset pricing and multi-factor models

Chpt. 7

  1. (4/14) Efficient market hypothesis


  1. (4/21) Mid-term examination

  2. (4/28) Behavioral finance and technical analysis

Chpt. 9

  1. (5/5) Bond price and yields

Chpt. 10

12.   (5/12) Bond price and yields

Chpt. 10

13. (5/19) No class, university anniversary holiday

14. (5/26) Managing bond portfolios

Chpt. 11

15. (6/2) Equity valuation

Chpt. 13

16. (6/9) Equity valuation

Chpt. 13

17. (6/16) Investments applied to personal finance: A lesson on how to conduct a happy life

18. (6/23) Final examination

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

1.Midterm Examination 40%

2.Final Examination 45%

The final exam may include some of the material (the parts I feel the class did not perform well on) from the mid-term exam in addition to the new material covered after the mid-term exam. Due to a large number of students in the class, the exams possibly will consist mostly of multiple choices questions. You are encouraged to have a calculator with you during the exams. You may also take a self-prepared formula sheet (A4 paper) to the exams. You will be seated in a particular order for the exams. Your seat will be made known to you right before the exam begins.

3.Attendance, participation in the class discussion and ad hoc homework assignments 15%

Homework problems will be assigned and collected. I will not grade your homework regularly. However, you are encouraged to do it diligently and turn it in on time. It would have significant bearings on your final grade. I will post on the website the solutions manual to the end-of-chapter problems in the book. I suggest that you complete as many end-of-chapter questions and problems as possible. You can expect to be called upon frequently in this class. You are responsible for all lectures, assignments, and class discussions. I encourage you to form groups of 2-3 people to work on the end-of-chapter questions, problems and cases.

Textbook & Reference

Required texts: Essentials of Investments, by Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, and Alan K. Marcus, 11th ed., 2019, McGraw-Hill International Edition

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