SemesterSpring Semester, 2021
DepartmentIntegrated Curriculum by Dept. of Economics
Course NameMoney and Banking
InstructorLAI TING-WEI
Course TypeSelectively
PrerequisiteMonetary and Banking、Money and Banking、Money and Banking〈I〉、Money and Capital Markets、Mouetary and Financial Markets
Course Objective
Course Description
Course Schedule

Tentative Class Schedule:

Part 4: Central Banking and the Conduct of Monetary Policy

Chapter 14: Central Banks: A Global Perspective

Chapter 15: The Money Supply Process

Chapter 16: Tools of Monetary Policy

Chapter 17: The Conduct of Monetary Policy: Strategy and Tactics

Issues and Studies

Part 5: International Finance and Monetary Policy

Chapter 18: The Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter 19: The International Financial System

Issues and Studies


Part 6: Monetary Theory

Chapter 20: Quantity Theory, Inflation, and the Demand for Money

Chapter 21: The IS Curve

Chapter 22: The Monetary Policy and Aggregate Demand Curves

Chapter 23: Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis

Chapter 24: Monetary Policy Theory

*Chapter 25: The Role of Expectations in Monetary Policy

*Chapter 26: Transmission Mechanisms of Monetary Policy

Issues and Studies

Final Exam

Expected learning time for this class: 3 hours per week

Teaching Methods
Teaching Assistant

黃瑜萍 (經濟碩)


1 mid-term: 30%

1 final exam: 30%

1 oral presentation for case analysis (it is encouraged and it cannot be substituted for by any paper work): 20%

Class participation: 20%

Textbook & Reference

Mishkin F. S., "The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets," 11th edition, Pearson. (main text)

Cecchetti, S. G. and K. L. Schoenholtz, "Money, Banking, and Financial Markets," 4rd edition, McGraw-Hill (highly recommended)

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