When “Prehistory” Doesn’t Cut It: Framing a More Inclusive Archaeology

活動日期: 2024/04/02(二)

時間:113/04/02 (二) 14:00-15:30  認證時數:0小時 



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講座姓名:Professor Stephen Acabado

講座現職:UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

The term 'prehistory' traditionally marginalized Indigenous narratives, emphasizing a Eurocentric historical perspective. This presentation proposes redefining 'prehistory' to better reflect Indigenous histories, with a focus on Southeast Asia and the Philippines. I highlight how global interactions and rich cultural heritages existed before European colonialism, pointing out that peoples have histories, even without written records. For instance, our Ifugao research challenges the dated view of cultural sites, revealing them as active adaptations to colonialism rather than mere artifacts. This shift towards 'deep history' equates oral traditions and Indigenous knowledge with written accounts. I argue that archaeological significance lies not in the artifact's age but in its contextual narrative, advocating for an inclusive practice that incorporates diverse perspectives. Redefining 'prehistory' recognizes the continuous, complex, and dynamic nature of Indigenous histories, contributing to a more inclusive and comprehensive historical understanding. Stephen B. Acabado is Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and Chair of the Archaeology Interdepartmental Program at UCLA. He is recognized for his community-oriented work in the Philippines and has dedicated his career to the study of the Ifugao Rice Terraces, a site of significant historical and cultural importance that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dr. Acabado places community engagement at its core of his practice. He staunchly advocates for the involvement of local communities in archaeological endeavors, ensuring that their histories, perspectives, and insights are incorporated into the larger narrative.



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