Safeguarding Taiwan's Security through the Power of International Law

活動日期: 2023/10/25(三)

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[ICI Dialogue] Safeguarding Taiwan's Security through the Power of International Law

Sadly, wars remain a reality in our turbulent world.
We are however living in perhaps the most peaceful period in human history.
A significant reason is the rapid development of international law, and respect for these rules of global order.
Over the past century, states have cooperated to establish and enforce rules to limit the use of force, protect sovereignty of states, and to address humanitarian consequences of wars.
While international law is imperfect, it has been a key reason in preventing another world war.
In this seminar, Professors Kevin Chang and Wen-Chen Chang will discuss the power of international law, and analyse how international law protects Taiwan as it faces unprecedented challenges to its sovereignty and security.

Date: 25 October 2023(Wed)
Venue: General Building South Wing Classroom 270109 綜南270109
Prof. Kevin Chang(NCCU International College of Innovation)張佳康教授
Prof. Wen-Chen Chang(NTU College of Law)張文貞教授
Moderator: Prof. Vivianne Weng (NCCU Dept. of Political Science) 翁燕菁教授
Hosted by The International College of Innovation 創新國際學院

This dialogue will be held entirely in English.

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